Grupo Escribano obrero

The partial or comprehensive rehabilitation of a building is a complex task and requires the capacity of a specialized company. Therefore, if you need to carry out work in your building, Grupo Escribano is what you are looking for. We focus on guaranteeing excellence in our vertical or scaffolding projects, in the execution of comprehensive reforms of bathrooms and kitchens, and installation work, wood and aluminium carpentry or waterproofing.


Of all the renovation companies in Mallorca, at Grupo Escribano, we stand out for being great experts in the renovation and painting of facades. If you need a team specialized in working in these spaces, don't hesitate to come to us. We will be happy to help you with everything that is in our hands. In these more than two decades that we have been working with facades in Mallorca, we have understood that they are more than a simple architectural solution. It is the business card of any property and, in turn, a strong shield against any of the external threats that could affect the interior. For all this, their care must be impeccable. It does not matter if you are looking for an expert team in total rehabilitation or comprehensive maintenance in Mallorca. At Grupo Escribano we are at your entire disposal to advise you, guide you and resolve even the smallest doubt you may have.

Comprehensive reforms

We carry out the comprehensive reform of your house.

One of the most exciting parts of our work is sharing the experience of remodelling with you, planning every detail of the reform of your house is a privilege and a responsibility. Once the hard work is finished, being able to feel the satisfaction of a job well done is priceless.
At Grupo Escribano, we can accompany you in your journey from start to finish: our technical advisor will help you in the decisions you must make in the planning phase and together with the person in charge of the work they will decide the best strategy to make everything you dreamed come true. Contact us and request a free, no-obligation estimate. Whatever project you need, we can help you with the following remodellings:

Interior paints

Decorate your space with the help of an expert

In Grupo Escribano, we have qualified and experienced professionals capable of developing the most innovative decorative techniques in interior painting. With our experience, we know that the client values ​​a methodical and extremely organized professional. For this reason, our service is aimed at total customer satisfaction and us extreme cleaning, collecting materials and avoiding any other type of inconvenience that we may cause, through the customization of each job. We use top quality products and ecological lines. Consult us and ask for a budget without obligation.

Forged edges

Rehabilitation and repair of slab edges

Of all the types of works, one of the most common is the structural repair of buildings and, more specifically, they are those that affect the slab edges with the appearance of cracks and fissures, detachment and oxidation of reinforcements. In the structure of a building, the slab edge is the element of the structure that is usually exposed to more first-line agents of all kinds, be it blows, pollution or, for example, rain and temperature changes and that affect both to a private owner, such as communities of owners. The appearance of these cracks is just the beginning. At Grupo Escribano, we act quickly so that everything remains a simple superficial repair, without reaching a deep replacement, a structural reinforcement.


Electrical installations, air conditioning and telecommunications

Today we already have among us home automation, refrigeration and automation. If you need any repair or new installation of plumbing or electricity we can help you, since we have a maintenance service for the facilities or execution of new ones. Contact us and request a free estimate without obligation.


Installations in houses in Mallorca


If you need to carry out installations in houses in Mallorca, count on the professionals of Grupo Escribano. For more than two decades, we have been specialists in all types of interventions in buildings and facades, no matter if they involve rehabilitation, repair or new equipment tasks. With customer satisfaction always as the starting point of all our work, we take care of bringing any construction, architecture and engineering project to reality.


Air conditioning systems, water distribution, electricity... Leave in our hands all the essential elements of the installations in homes and houses in Mallorca that you need. Our professionals will address them within the stipulated deadlines and with all the guarantees of quality, customization and satisfaction.


Get in touch with us, tell us what necessary equipment you need for your new home or which ones you should review and replace, and you will not have to worry about anything else. We also carry out waterproofing in homes and houses in Mallorca, in case you want to ensure the efficiency and integrity of the building. Should we talk?

Wood and aluminium joinery

Wood and stone are natural materials that have always been a fundamental part of any building, from the primitive cabins to our day's timber and stone. It is true that on many occasions they have been replaced by other materials that offer different advantages, but in most cases, new materials cannot compete in beauty with the raw material that nature gives us. A combination of the most traditional with the most innovative is usually always the best option. Today, wood, along with aluminium, iron and glass, is used to form the enclosures of our buildings. We have repair and assembly services for any type of carpentry, such as:


The protection of a home against water is essential to maintain a high level of habitability, both protection from rainwater and environmental humidity or the ground is vital to keep our homes well isolated from water. At Grupo Escribano, we can help you with any type of moisture or filtration, our technical advisor will inspect your home and give you the best solution to any humidity problem, whether it is caused due to filtration, capillarity or condensation.


Waterproofing in houses in Mallorca

Waterproofing in houses in Mallorca is the order of the day. Therefore, if the one in your building begins to show failures and problems of humidity and leaks are part of the daily routine, it is time to contact the professionals of the Grupo Escribano. Among all the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance services in which we have specialized, those related to insulation against water and humidity are one of our star products.


Ensuring waterproofing in Mallorca is essential to allow a minimum level of habitability. Therefore, those who do not have to worry about it when building new construction have to do so to satisfactorily overcome the revisions and maintenance work of their already veteran residence. In one way or another, it is best to have the support and experience of professionals such as Grupo Escribano. Both for these waterproofing tasks and installations in homes and houses in Mallorca.

Comprehensive tailor-made reforms