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Grupo Escribano was born in 1998 by the hand of Javier Escribano, who, alone, began his career offering painting services. These first years in which, as a starting professional, his only assets were his enthusiasm, energy and good work, knowing that his future would depend on the values ​​with which he exercised his profession and quality in the execution of the work.

All the small profit that was generated those first years was invested in the company, knowing that tangible assets were necessary to consolidate and respond to the client, whose loyalty would be fundamental in the company's strategy. Years later, all his efforts paid back, the objectives were met, and he already had his own company, Pinturas Escribano, dedicated primarily to the rehabilitation of facades and painting services in general.

Recent times have been marked by the evolution of Escribano. Pinturas Escribano is today Grupo Escribano, expanding its services in the construction and integral reforms, the rehabilitation of facades and the maintenance of communities.

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Corporate and social responsibility

Our mission is to achieve equal opportunities for the most disadvantaged boys and girls. To this end, we promote solidarity actions to fight poverty and inequality. The values that govern us are ​​as necessary as promoting tolerance and solidarity between people, societies and peoples, regardless of race, sex, religion, age or socioeconomic condition; promoting the freedom and equality of all human beings, fighting against exploitation and poverty, favouring responsibility and sustainability in the use of our natural resources, achieving a fair distribution of natural assets with the most disadvantaged areas of our planet, and ensuring autonomous and transparent management of the support we receive, directing them directly to the different projects and solidarity actions.

Besides, the Escribano Foundation leads the “Peque Armario” project in Palma de Mallorca, a plan to help families in vulnerable situations by providing clothes, toys or shoes, all for the smallest of the house.

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Grupo Escribano is the answer to your needs in a dynamic and growing market that demands professionals and increasingly specialized jobs. Quality and cost savings are fundamental aspects to carry out any project. After more than two decades of experience in the field of renovations, repairs and new works inside and outside homes and businesses, we have adapted our service to the most common demands of our clients. Both from the technical point of view (execution of the works) and the economic point of view.

At Grupo Escribano, we have always defended a philosophy based on covering any need, always providing solutions and facilities.



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Grupo Escribano is one of the most recognized and valued comprehensive renovation and facades renovation companies in Palma de Mallorca.

A great professional team and more than 25 years of experience support us, offering you a high range of comprehensive and professional services in everything related to renovations, facades and building maintenance. We put at your disposal a dynamic and prepared team of professionals, which allows us to carry out the preparation and development of each work with great professionalism. The action process involves different specialities and the intervention of differentiated teams, coordinated by technicians and architects.

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At Grupo Escribano, our main objective is to work with the highest quality. Therefore, the exhaustive selection of personnel and ongoing training make our staff a rising value for our company. We have more than 60 qualified professionals at your service, who manage each work from start to finish. .

We take care of even the smallest detail both with our staff and with the service we provide, the project execution strategy being essential, such as the monitoring of our technical and training department in an adequate occupational risk plan and compliance with current regulations in force in the matter of contracting and execution of works.

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Our headquarters in Palma de Mallorca has a team of professionals who manage and define the strategy to be followed in terms of safety and quality of work, as well as customer satisfaction, offering personalized treatment and any information required from a clear and concise manner. The client is our main reason for being and our most significant guarantee!

The client is our main reason for being and our greatest endorsement!