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Facades are the calling card of any building, and they deserve the same care and planning to ensure the excellent condition and a smooth transition between the external and internal environment. That is why it is considered a complicated task and requires the capacity of a specialized company with the intervention of expert teams and technicians and architects. The execution is carried out with the appropriate equipment (fixed scaffolds, telescopic cranes, motorized hanging scaffolds) always complying with the specific regulations.


Suppose you want to find the best experts in renovation, architecture and facade services in Mallorca. In that case, you cannot miss the opportunity to put yourself in the hands of Grupo Escribano. We have more than 20 years of impeccable and successful track record in this field, offering practical and quality solutions to all the people who have placed their trust in us. If you wish, we also have a highly qualified team in comprehensive maintenance in Mallorca. Day after day, we strive to bring complete care to our clients. This includes, among other things, advice and advice that is personalized to your specific case. No facade is the same, and, therefore, our actions must be adapted to each particular situation. Now you know. At Grupo Escribano, we are one of the benchmark renovation companies in Mallorca. We will help you with everything you need with your facade, rehabilitating it and giving it an impressive appearance.

SATE insulation system

Thermal insulation service for facades

The insulation of a home is vital to maintain a pleasant environment both in winter and summer, minimizing energy consumption to achieve it. The exterior insulation system (SATE) allows us to achieve this efficiently as it is continuous insulation throughout the facade without points that remain uninsulated and at the same time allows us not to reduce the interior space of the houses.

Rehabilitation of facades

On a facade there are a multitude of works to be carried out to keep it in perfect condition, from exterior painting, changes of flasks, expansion joints, cleaning, slab edges made with technical mortars of high resistance and adherence, overhangs, etc.

At Grupo Escribano, we offer a vertical work service and works at height by the best professionals in the sector, helping to take care of buildings both aesthetically and physically. The inclemencies that the facades or exterior surfaces may suffer causes them to deteriorate considerably, endangering the coexistence in the building. That is why it is of great importance to put yourself in the hands of experts to find a solution to these situations.

Silicate paint

The facades are a vital element in the appearance of a building. Keeping them clean and looking good in addition to revaluing them protects us from humidity, as is the case with silicate paint. This is quickly adhered by an insoluble chemical reaction, known as petrification. Either way, it does not generate a superficial film, a real advantage. This paint offers excellent permeability to water vapour. It provides natural protection to prevent the spread of microorganisms such as lichens, mould or algae.

Ventilated facades

The ventilated facades allow us to isolate homes while giving them a premium appearance; we have a multitude of possibilities of finishes with ceramics of different sizes and designs. Contact us and request a free estimate without obligation.

Moisture repair

Moisture on the facades is a great enemy that must be faced. If it is not done, it will come back again and again. They usually tend to have capillarity problems in the lower areas of the building, in which the paint jumps due to a leak that can come for example from a terrace, so some solutions must be studied case by case. In Grupo Escribano, we have specialized personnel to be able to diagnose the origin of the humidity and provide the best possible solution.

Projected facades

The facade with one layer mortar, projected stone or cork, is an attractive, economical and durable solution that also requires little maintenance. Monolayer mortar is a water-repellent cement that is usually used as cladding for facades due to its excellent protection capacity. It is very resistant to atmospheric phenomena, and it is also possible to use coloured pigments, thus allowing a lot of personalization of the work. Contact us and request a free estimate without obligation. These techniques are also often the most efficient.

Works at height by the best professionals in the sector