What materials can we recycle when emptying a house?

For different reasons, we may find ourselves in the situation of having to resort to floor emptying companies: during the purchase of a furnished apartment, to carry out a comprehensive reform or to redecorate. Of all these products, a large part is destined to go to landfills, or for resale. Today, we show you those types of products that can be used as raw material to construct new things.

Let's take into account the furniture itself. We can have a great variety of materials, whether they are from tables, shelves or chairs. In this case, we can find any material such as wood, metals and plastics. Fabrics, such as rugs, it is recommended that they be taken to garment collection points or that after successive washing they are used as new fabrics to be used individually or as lining, upholstery, etc. Electrical products, such as household appliances and other electrical devices, do not have much output, so they should go to a clean point or a possible check and set point.

With agglomerates, it is preferable not to reuse them, unless they are like the first day. They usually lose their qualities over time, turning into brittle boards. Perhaps they would serve for uses in which there are no structural requirements of any kind since they quickly lose their shape.

As for cleaning, it goes further, since we get to dismantle partitions. These materials also have their place in recycling and reuse. Gypsum plasterboard is one of those few construction materials that can be recycled in its installation phase on-site and selective demolition of the building.


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