Waterproofing with EPDM

One of the many ways of waterproofing is with EPDM, a monomeric polyethene propylene diene rubber, an elastomer with very good properties against the passage of water and atmospheric agents, with very high elasticity and resistance, which makes it a very suitable material for the waterproofing of all types of surfaces.

The resistance to atmospheric agents of this type of rubber provides greater durability than other materials used for the same function. Besides, this material has excellent mechanical resistance, since its amazing elasticity gives it the ability to resist breakage caused by other materials.

One of its most significant advantages is that blankets of up to 900m2 of cover can be supplied. Being able to cover such a large surface in a single cut means that the number of joints that have to be executed is minimized, reducing the probability that one of them may fail. It is also an advantage when collecting the material, since it avoids having to handle the large number of rolls that other systems need, such as bituminous sheets. Another point in favour is that the placement does not adhere. Hence, the sheet is entirely independent of the support, which allows movements without affecting the state of the sheet. Finally, it is worth mentioning its speed of installation without the need to use torches or flammable gases that may pose a risk on site.


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