Transform your facade without stains or worries

Transform your facade without stains or worries


At Grupo Escribano, we understand the importance of every detail in the renovation process, and today we want to highlight the need to protect your balustrade and cornices with felt during the painting process of the facade or terrace.


When you decide to give the exterior of your home or business a new look, color choice and paint quality are just the beginning. Applying paint can become a challenge if proper precautions are not taken, and this is where the importance of carefully covering elements such as the balustrade, cornices or terrace floors comes into play.


Avoid unwanted stains with long-lasting protection


Imagine achieving the perfect shade for your facade and then realizing that paint splatters have ruined the aesthetics of your balustrade or cornices. By covering these elements with felt during the painting process, we minimize the risk of unwanted stains, ensuring an impeccable and long-lasting result.


The felt acts as a protective barrier, preventing paint from reaching surfaces that should not be touched. This precautionary measure not only ensures a cleaner finish, but also contributes to the durability and resistance of the applied paint. Felt is a textile material that arises from conglomerating several layers of synthetic wool fibers with steam and pressure.

By investing in the right protection from the beginning, you save time and effort in the cleaning phase later. Efficiency is key in any renovation project, and covering the balustrade and cornices with felt is a smart strategy to speed up the process.


At Grupo Escribano, we are proud of every project we carry out. Attention to detail is essential to us, and covering sensitive areas demonstrates our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Trust Grupo Escribano to carry out your renovation project with professionalism, care and a touch of perfection.


Your facade deserves to look its best without stains or complications.


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