The protective power of exterior wood stains.

The protective power of exterior wood stains


In the arduous task of preserving the beauty and durability of wood outdoors, lasurs emerge as an indispensable ally. These decorative protectors, unlike traditional varnishes, do not form a film on the surface of the wood, allowing it to breathe and adapt to climatic fluctuations without compromising its integrity.


What makes stains the ideal choice for exterior wood? Its unique ability to generate an "open pore" finish is key. This not only facilitates humidity regulation, but also ensures deep penetration into the wood, providing optimal protection. Furthermore, the flexibility of the resins present in its composition allows the treatment to adjust to the dimensional variations inherent to exposure to climate.


Although their most common use is on exterior wood, such as garden furniture, carpentry and floors, lasures are also effective on other porous substrates such as clay, cement and stone. This versatility makes them a popular choice for a variety of design and construction projects.


But its true value lies in its ability to protect against the elements. Lasures offer exceptional resistance to UV rays, thanks to their photoresistant pigments, while they effectively combat the growth of fungi, molds and other biological organisms. In addition, the water-repellent properties of some stains make them ideal for repelling water and keeping wood dry and safe even in the most adverse conditions.


Stains not only beautify and protect exterior wood, but also extend its lifespan, ensuring each project maintains its natural splendor for years to come. For those looking for an effective, low-maintenance solution to their exterior wood protection needs, lasures are the perfect choice.


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