The glass bricks are back

Fashions come and go all the time. For a time, glass bricks became one of the best options to let light into a room without giving up good insulation. But a few decades ago they lost prominence because the style did not fit either vintage or Nordic designs. However, lately they are being seen more and more in new constructions, so if you are going to make a comprehensive reform soon and are looking for ideas with which to give a touch of originality, we propose the glass brick.

What are glass bricks?
They are made with pieces of glass molded at high temperatures that allow the generation of an interior air chamber, providing insulation from both noise and temperatures. They are available in multiple shapes, colors and finishes, and prepared so that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Depending on where they are to be placed, they will have a different thickness, ranging from 5 cm to 8.

As we said, it is used for both exterior and interior. That is why an idea that many contemplate is to make the terrace enclosures with this type of material, ensuring good insulation and guaranteeing privacy with a material that lets light through, but not what is behind the wall.

Advantages of glass bricks
1. Isolation. Both the thermal and acoustic are guaranteed. Betting on these glass bricks is a guarantee of keeping the interior temperature well without penetrating the exterior; just as it manages to keep silence, being oblivious to the small noises from outside.
2. Brightness. These bricks allow you to have the light from the outside without giving up the intimacy of the interior. Thanks to its characteristics, the light from outside manages to penetrate the rooms, a very valid option for walls that separate outdoor spaces with patios or terraces.
3. Visual breadth. It is proven that, due to its characteristics, in the places where it is installed it is possible to create a much wider visual sensation, perfect for smaller spaces.
4. Multiple applications. Their resistance allows these bricks to be installed on walls, but also on floors, ceilings or even windows.

Disadvantages of glass bricks
1. Use of the room. It must be remembered that, although everything behind the wall is not transparent, the silhouettes can be glimpsed, so if you are looking for privacy, this is not the best option. It will be better to opt for an opaque glass or directly for a wall with a brick of the usual ones.
2. Price. Due to its elaboration, the cost is much higher than that of traditional bricks. Therefore, think that installing them at home can considerably increase the price of the budget.
3. They cannot be divided. You have to adjust the space to the number of glass bricks you want to place, since due to the material in which they are made they cannot be cut and adjusted to the existing dimensions.

Understanding the characteristics of these bricks, the advantages and disadvantages, contact Grupo Escribano if you want to incorporate them into your home.


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