The construction system of a shotcrete swimming pool

The construction process of a swimming pool is something complex and delicate, therefore, when someone wants to build a swimming pool at home must know the steps that will be carried out by the builder in detail. From the design of the pool to the final result, there are several steps in the construction of both the pool and the entire drainage and water purification system.

Sizing and excavation of the pool basin

Once we have already decided the design that we are going to carry out for the construction of the swimming pool, we will have to work on the land where it is going to be built. The dimensioning and subsequent excavation will be the first step for the creation of the pool. Once we have it excavated, the ground must be prepared very well, since it will be the support to hold the weight of the pool. The compaction of the ground and the improvement of the base of the swimming pool with concrete give as a result a reliable support on which to work.

Perimeter of the pool and purification room

Once the glass of the swimming pool has been realized, we must make all the perimeter with blocks so that they are a good support on which to begin with the projected concrete. On this perimeter, we can add an iron structure to give even more consistency to the walls and floor of the pool. In this step we can carry out the installation of the whole system of pipes, and if we are going to build an overflow to not waste the water that comes out of the pool by the edges.

Projection of the wet concrete

Once we have the whole structure of the pool complete, and we have placed all the pre-installations that we are going to need, prioritizing the drainage pipes, we are going to give the pool the final consistency and firmness by means of the gunite technique. With a hose, we will apply wet concrete on the walls and floor of the structure that we had already prepared, so that once dry, the pool will already have a real consistency and in the absence of the liner we will have the pool built. In this step we can also install a cleaner for the later purification of the water.

Water purification

The following step would be to finish the construction of the house of purification that we had perimetrado at the beginning next to the swimming pool. This cabin should consist of, at least, a water pump and a water filter for the correct mechanical purification of the water. The installation of these elements will have to be carried out by experts in plumbing and electricity, to leave the purification system connected to the cleaner.

Final elements of the pool

Once the construction of the pool is finished in its functional section, it only remains to give a good appearance to the pool. To do this, it is necessary to make the lining of the pool, for example in gresite, and place decorative elements such as the border (with its overflow grid if it has been done so), the access stairs (whether made of work or metal) and the possible lighting by means of spotlights on the walls, bottom and edges.


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