The comprehensive solution for humidity problems in walls





The comprehensive solution for humidity problems in walls

Dampness in walls is a recurring problem in many homes and buildings, causing not only aesthetic deterioration but also health and comfort problems. That is why at the Escribano Group we care about offering comprehensive solutions to our clients, and one of them is anti-humidity paint before painting with the final color.


What makes this type of painting so special?


This thixotropic solvent paint, free of aromatic hydrocarbons, has been specially developed to combat humidity problems on walls. Its unique features make it the ideal choice to meet this challenge:


Its formula guarantees exceptional adhesion even on substrates with humidity problems, ensuring a long-lasting and effective application.
It allows the support to breathe, thus avoiding the peeling that usually occurs on damp walls and allowing humidity to dissipate naturally.


Thanks to its low surface tension, this paint prevents the formation of blisters, ensuring a uniform finish free of imperfections.
Its excellent covering power guarantees an impeccable finish, even hiding stains caused by humidity.

In addition, it maintains its pure white color over time, without suffering unwanted alterations during its application or with the passage of time.


Uses and applications


This paint is ideal to be applied indoors, on walls and ceilings affected by humidity problems. Its versatility makes it perfect for use in a wide variety of spaces, from homes to commercial premises or public buildings.


Performance and Finish


With a performance of 6-8 m² per liter per coat, it offers efficient coverage that allows you to obtain optimal results with less product consumption. Its matte finish provides an elegant and modern aesthetic, perfect for any type of environment.




At Grupo Escribano we are committed to high quality products that provide effective solutions to our clients. This paint becomes the ideal choice to combat humidity problems and guarantee healthier and more comfortable spaces. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your damp walls, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!


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