Swimming pools as auxiliary elements in houses

Swimming pools are auxiliary elements in architecture, which are associated with comfort and quality of life. From the Romans' time to the domestic swimming pool, water constructions have been fundamental for architecture. The pool itself requires specific construction conditions and a good selection of materials when building.

The pool's construction comprises several fundamental elements: the basin, the water treatment plant and the beach. The glass is the base element of the pool, that construction element that contains the body of water and prevents it from leaking through the joints. The cleaner allows the water mass in the glass to be cleaned up by filtering and adding chemicals to eliminate bacteria, algae, fungi and other microorganisms dissolved in the water.

The beach seems the most dispensable element of the pool. Still, in reality, it is essential to guarantee the safety of the users since the perimeter that surrounds the pool is where part of the facilities are housed and where the most significant number of accidents can occur due to the presence of water from splashing or overflowing.

There are two fundamental types of pools in functional terms: the overflowing basin pool and skimmer pool. In the overflowing glass pool, if the water overflows, it is collected around its perimeter to be taken to the treatment plant. In the skimmer pool, the water does not overflow. Still, it is located a few centimetres from the edge of the glass. The water is collected from time to time by means of skimmers (traps that prevent large elements from passing through). In both cases, the water is taken to the treatment plant. The second option is usually more common in domestic swimming pools since its maintenance is much simpler, therefore, more economical. Overflowing glass pools are generally used in public uses since the water purification is greater and constant, which guarantees better hygiene.


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