Steps for preparing your home for a painter

When thinking about painting a house, the best course of action is to hire a professional. But for this, it is crucial to know the steps they take to achieve the best finish and what we can do to facilitate their work and obtain the best result.

Previous steps to prepare the house

- Choice of colourThis step is on you. When choosing the main colour, we must consider the type of environment we want and how we will enjoy that space. We recommend viewing information on colour theory as it can help you make decisions. Of course, let yourself be guided while you choose the colour since the painter can analyze the space with a professional's eyes.

- Type of paintIt may seem at first glance that any paint is suitable for painting on any surface, but it is the opposite. Professional help in this step is vital since each surface requires a specific type of paint. Although generalizing, we can find plastic paint, lime paint, mineral paint, tempera paint and enamels. If we are going to paint an interior wall, we could choose more than one of these types of paint, but we must take the surface into account.

- Surface PreparationBefore painting, we must consider what can happen if the surface is not properly prepared. The paint can flake, come off in large blisters, discolour... To do this, we must clean, in some cases including scraping and plastering, previously to leave the surface as smooth as possible.

- Taping and protectionThis is one of the most critical steps you must follow. The painter can carry out his work correctly and obtain the best results. It is advisable to vacate the space to be painted or, if the furniture cannot be easily changed rooms, as would be the case of a bed, must protect. This can be done with garbage bags, which, once the paint stains have dried, can be used for their main use or plastic covers. When a professional painter begins his work, he starts by covering the floor. After this, the room's perimeter can have cornices, borders, baseboards, and mouldings, which you do not want to get stained with paint, so it will be convenient to protect them with painter's tape.

- Last step, paintingThis step is already the one that entirely depends on the painter. Let him do his job and trust the professional. In this way, you will get the best result and a completely renovated home.


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