Solve humidity problems on your facade

If a few days ago we were talking about the cracks in the facades, today it is the turn to damp. Moisture on facades is one of these inconveniences that can arise in any building. Although waterproof materials are used more and more frequently to protect them, many buildings do not have them.

Of all the construction elements, the facades are those that stand out from the start. Some are functional, some are traditional, some are protected by law for their architectural value, some are innovative, some are cared for, and some are neglected. However, all of them are exposed to a thousand and one problems.

Water is one of the most dangerous elements that can attack buildings, so if you do not have a system to prevent the damage it causes, in the end, we are going to find serious problems in any building, whether public or private. One of the areas that will be particularly strikingly affected by humidity problems is the facade of the building, creating aesthetic problems that can lead to structural problems that endanger the building as a whole.

Facade dampness can be avoided, but if we find that it is too late to prevent it, we will still have time to remedy it. The facades must be free of moisture problems. Stains caused by humidity are capable of degrading the value of the building itself. In many cases, if we are facing a protected facade, it may even mean a significant economic mishap.

Of course, the fact that the first symptoms are only aesthetic does not mean that dampness in facades cannot evolve and cause us even more risks within our own home. To the structural damage that we discussed before, we must add the possibility that dampness affects the interior of the rooms, filling our furniture (sofas, curtains, cushions, cabinets ...) with water and causing irreparable damage to them. The presence of humidity of this type can lead not only to the deterioration of objects but also to possible diseases, which come from mould and mites, mainly affecting the most vulnerable in the house: children, the elderly, patients with rhinitis or allergies, as well as pregnant women.

Fixing dampness on the façade is not merely an exercise in aesthetic care; taking care of each of the parts of a building guarantees that the house will be as habitable as possible. Taking care of each of the elements is, in the end, taking care of the entire building.

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