Should I turn off the light if I am going to turn it on fast, or should I keep it on?

On more than one occasion one probably has heard people say that it is better not to turn off the light if you are going to turn it on again in a while, as this is said to save energy. Although with some bulbs this may be true, with Led technologies, turning off the lights is always the best option.

We are going to take into account two aspects that influence when saving money and electricity: on the one hand, it is the duration of the bulbs and on the other hand, what they consume.

The bulbs can be of different types (filaments, fluorescent...). In some models of bulbs, turning them on many times shortens the life of the bulb, so it may make some sense to leave them on if they will need to be turned on again in a short time. There are also cases in which the bulb requires a little more energy to start up, like with fluorescent lamps, which use the starter to get turned on.

In the case of Led bulbs, they do not suffer any deterioration by turning them on or off many times, and also do not consume more to "start". This is why it is always better to turn off the light, even if it gets turned on again in a few minutes.


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