Rehabilitate the facade, a way to revalue your home

If you are the owner of a flat and have decided to rent it out, first you must be interested in increasing its value by making some changes to make it more attractive.

Over the years, pollution, weather and other factors, both internal and external, result in a home losing its attractiveness and value in the market. However, a building of a certain age can achieve considerable attractiveness in the real estate market with a correct intervention in the house that revalues ​​it in an interesting percentage for the owner.

For many people, having to rehabilitate the facade can be a nuisance in addition to the occasional headache. However, at Grupo Escribano, we firmly believe that the rehabilitation of the facade of the house represents a significant expense, but the intervention in it will increase the home's market value, increasing the profit from the sale or rental.

Do the maintenance of the facade: small works on the pipes, paintings and waterproofing will add value to the property. After all, the condition of the home is, after its location, a determining factor when deciding on one property or another and the facade is the first impression we receive.

With the rehabilitation of the facade of a home or commercial premises, at Grupo Escribano we will beautify and protect the facade by stopping its ageing. Insulating the facade, ventilating it, among other aspects are interventions that manage to improve both the appearance of the facade and its thermal performance, and the possibilities of sale of the property will be much greater.


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