Raised access floor systems

Imagine being able to execute a new pavement without demolishing the existing one. That is possible, as long as you have the possibility of climbing in height. This system can fit into the world of rehabilitation. Still, above all, it is designed for new buildings, with multiple distribution possibilities.

The raised floor is the system of office buildings by definition. The different placement situations, with the increase and variation of meeting rooms, cabinets, rooms for common use...

The amount of facilities that we have today, especially at the electrical and telecommunications level, causes us to have large bundles of cables, real bundles that could not run on a normal floor, with a screed. That is why it is convenient for us to have an open-air chamber for the distribution of all these facilities, which we can undertake at any time when the distribution changes, thanks to the fact that it is a raised pavement that can be registered.

Therefore, there are encapsulated steel systems and cement injection (full steel) and FSC high-density agglomerate (Pac) and the different applicable coatings, whether synthetic or natural. They have an innovative technical floor with Sovereign technology that provides unmatched aesthetics since it is a development that avoids perceiving the tiles' modularity, allowing you to see continuous floors, with hardly any joints.

How is a raised pavement designated? Here we indicate how a correct prescription is made. You have to know that the system's minimum height is generally 75 mm and a maximum of 1100 mm. However, it is recommended that if you go above or below these figures, you contact the manufacturer, who will provide another prescription.


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