Preventive maintenance to prolong the life of your outdoor flooring

Regardless of the time of year, exterior pavements need a lot of care and maintenance so that they always look shiny. There are numerous options for this type of pavement that offer the guarantee of high-quality services that adapt to your needs. However, once you've given your driveway or parking lot a beautiful finish, it's important to ensure it's properly maintained to prolong its life and prevent repairs.

To begin with, the first thing to mention is seal coating, which is one of the most effective and popular asphalt pavement maintenance techniques for correcting cracks and regular damage. This extra layer will not only protect from UV rays, but also prevent cracks and water damage. Also, whenever you find that the pavement is deteriorating, a sealer coating job can prevent further damage. We can also find potholes in the pavement, for which it is necessary to carry out maintenance quickly and thus avoid further deterioration. To do this, the potholes are first thoroughly cleaned and filled with the appropriate bonding mixtures to repair them, always carried out by a professional.

At Grupo Escribano we recommend that the seal coating be implemented regularly after a few years. However, throughout the year it is important to watch for cracks and address them immediately, as filling small ones is something that does not require much time or money and thus prevents interior and exterior floors from suffering further deterioration.

On the other hand, the presence of water in any form on the pavement will be detrimental to its maintenance, so it is not a good idea to let the water come into contact with the pavement for too long. During winter, it is necessary to remove water or ice from the surface or the driveway to prevent further damage. We always recommend the use of deicers due to the effect on the salinity of the water.


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