Natural ventilation: the key to preventing infections

Although we usually spend more than 90% of our time indoors, we tend to worry more about the air we breathe on the street and not that of our homes. Today more than ever, the importance of ventilation is key to curbing the spread of Covid-19.

Loaded spaces, for example a classroom or an office, occur when many people are breathing the same air in the same closed space, so we must ensure that these places have an optimal indoor climate. This climate should have natural light, adequate ventilation, and comfortable temperature and humidity levels.

To ventilate, reduce CO2 particles and have a healthy indoor environment, natural ventilation is the simplest way (as recommended by the World Health Organization). But, in the season we are entering, opening windows may not be the best option due to the low winter temperatures. To avoid getting cold unnecessarily, we propose the use of intelligent air conditioning systems that are capable of analyzing the levels of humidity, temperature, and CO2 that prevail in space and act proactively accordingly, opening or closing the windows as required.


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