Lighting designers

At Grupo Escribano we are used to working with lighting designers, whose function is to establish a way of understanding the architectural space, giving it expression, texture, color, brightness… qualifying those parts that are of interest through light. The fact of determining the need for one type or another of light goes beyond the choice of one or another lamp. Lighting designers have the ability to outline, idealize spaces with the application of the appropriate light.

We can resort to them out of “necessity” when justifying the lighting in case of evacuation. What we would say to achieve the minimum illumination… But we must satisfy the need to illuminate with quality, with taste. An added value that the lighting designer contributes is precisely that ability to relate architecture with people, improving the communication that the space seeks, often in a creative, innovative and efficient way.

In the case of home lighting, one of the essential processes that we must carry out is to create different environments in each space. And for this, we are going to reveal some techniques that these types of professionals perform.

First, the lighting in the living room must be concentrated in perimeter points, never within the viewing angle of the television. Flush lighting, floor lamps, and other perimeter lighting strategies are the best options. It is also important how to position the light in relation to a mirror, since it must come from the mirror itself, or the area closest to it and must be directed directly at it. When lighting a room, it has to focus on perimeter points and never above the bed.

Finally, one thing to keep in mind is that lamps are decorative items. Their function goes beyond the light itself, but they are aesthetic complements that also have a certain importance as decorative elements.


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