Installation of underfloor heating or cooling. Improves the energy efficiency of the home

Are you planning a complete or partial reform of your home and are you considering improving energy efficiency and comfort with the installation of underfloor heating and cooling? Have you considered the possibility of installing underfloor heating? Today we are going to present the positive sides of this option.

The radiant and cooling floor offers freshness in the hottest months and warmth and well-being in winter, always with an increase in energy efficiency. The thermal sensation on the pavement is pleasant and comfortable throughout the year. Although it should be considered that the initial outlay is higher than in traditional systems, in the medium term the investment is amortized and the savings in energy consumption are exponential. So it provides significant savings compared to traditional heating, being more ecological and sustainable than other alternatives.

The heating or cooling time of the home is longer than in traditional systems, so this factor must be taken into account, especially if the installation is for a second residence, assessing the use and efficiency in each case.

In the hottest seasons, the water in the system circulates at around 15ºC to lower the temperature and provide that sensation of freshness that is so pleasant, which is distributed not only on the floor but throughout the house in a uniform way. As materials cool, thermal inertia is slower but is retained for longer. In cold seasons, the water that circulates through the pipes to heat the floor is between 35 and 45ºC (traditional radiators need water at more than 70ºC), thus helping to reduce consumption.

With the installation of underfloor heating and cooling, the installation of radiators is eliminated, improving the aesthetics of the entire home. In addition, these radiant floor installations do not pose any health risk because they work based on water pipes whose temperature changes according to the season. It is important to know that it is a healthier system because, as there are no air currents, dust is reduced, it does not produce dryness and the low humidity prevents the appearance of mites.

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