How to rehabilitate protected facades

A typical construction problem is an intervention on an existing façade that has elements to conserve. At this time, any renovation company has to go hand in hand with a technician to undertake the work. The improvement of the thermal envelope is not incompatible with the preservation of heritage and traditional architecture. You have to maintain the fundamental characteristics such as the finishes, maintaining an environment that can preserve its essence while intervening with interior insulation and better glazing, thus carrying out conservation and maintenance works on the facades.

The rehabilitation of building facades in the old quarters of the cities is a clear example of the works of conservation of the essence of the cities. In the case of most cities with Roman or medieval origin, these are built with stone masonry walls, whose facades have reached from their time to our time. The maintenance of the stone begins with the basic cleaning maintenance, which includes reviewing the joints so that there is no air intake, the replacement of perishable elements such as wood and metals and the conservation of the roofs and gutters that preserve so much the interior of the building as its facade.

To insulate a protected facade, you must start with the inside face of the facade. This interior face will be the object of installation passage as well as being the perfect location for concealment elements such as blinds and curtains. It would be best if you tried to keep the facade as intact as possible, both outside and inside. For this reason, the most reasonable thing is to place a self-supporting cladding (in no case directly or screwed to the inside face of the façade). If we separate it a few centimetres from the facade, we can place more thermal insulation. With a substructure like those of plasterboard systems, we can have enough space to insulate with all the thickness that we are allowed, through which the facilities can be passed and have the boxes for the sockets and switches, even to embed luminaires.


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