How to prevent dogs from urinating on your facade?

As you may already know, dogs are guided and guided by smell. During walks, these canines urinate on posts, trees, lampposts, farm facades, etc., and this they do instinctively since it is their way of marking territory.

Do you want to know how to end this situation? Well, it all depends on the owner's involvement in the reeducation of their dog, but surely these people will only bother to correct this behavior when the animal does its business inside your home.

When this happens on the street, it seems that only those who suffer it directly are concerned, that is, the owner of the motorcycle or car, the owner of the business or the neighbors of a facade.

To solve this problem, there are odors that are unpleasant for dogs, and over time they learn not to approach or urinate in that area. In any case, if the animal is not reeducated and a new behavior is not built for it, it is a really difficult goal.

With that said, we want to introduce you to two myths of remedies that don't work and three that are valid:

Myths to disprove:

• WATER BOTTLES : It is an urban myth that the mirror effect due to the reflection of the animal in the water is what drives it away. It is one of the most popular solutions and one of the most widespread, however, its effectiveness has not been proven.

• SULFUR : To begin with, it is a prohibited remedy in Spain due to its toxicity, since it can affect the health of the animal when it is inhaled, ingested or simply when it comes into contact with its skin, also DOES NOT WORK.

Three homemade tips that can help you avoid dogs from urinating on your facade:

1. LEMON : Mix one or two squeezed lemons with two cups of water and sprinkle it on the area. Dogs do not like this smell, and it could prevent them from approaching the area where you applied it.

2. ALCOHOL : Mix one cup of alcohol and two of water and prepare a spray. Spray the affected area for at least one or two weeks, and you will see that little by little the animal will stop coming back.

3. VINEGAR : This ingredient has a really strong smell for dogs, since they hate acetic acid. Spray the affected area with plenty of pure vinegar or where you do not want the dogs to come near.

We hope that this content has helped you and that above all you remember that the main person responsible for this matter is the owner who is not responsible for the problem, and not the animal.

Remember that at Grupo Escribano we are experts in the rehabilitation and cladding of facades, so do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!


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