How to prepare your home for a renovation

This time of confinement has made us reflect on how we live, so we find ourselves with the desire to cause changes in our way of life.

Once we are determined to reform, we must prepare the space. Small reforms to change a room and comprehensive reforms go through a preparation cycle, especially when the home is used during the remodel.

In the first place, the area to be intervened must be limited, so as to interrupt the inhabitants and their activity as little as possible. A renovation in which installations or distributions are touched can cause dust for weeks and extend for longer.

Secondly, it must be possible to coordinate the facilities' dependence since power cuts might happen in some rooms. Hence, a prior review is necessary for which the state of the electrical and plumbing installation can be advanced. In this way, during work, temporary installations can be made if necessary.

Depending on the type of work, we will need an area to have some storage area, both for construction materials and for the waste management itself.

Something important to keep in mind is to think about how the works you will carry out affect your neighbours. Part of your sanitation, electricity or plumbing installations likely pass in some common element, especially if the building was built before the 80s. In addition to the noise of the works itself, you may have to notify your neighbours of possible alterations on-site.

The works inside the house must also respond to urban regulations. So, as a promoter, you are responsible for these works. Therefore you must request the relevant licenses, or submit the necessary declarations.


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