How to erect a scaffold correctly

Scaffolding is usually an essential part of the construction and maintenance of a structure, whether residential, commercial or public.

By erecting a scaffold correctly, it is possible to ensure that oneself and any other person will be able to use this structure without endangering their physical integrity. A carelessness in the process can lead to a serious accident. So it is necessary to make sure of its firmness.

Scaffolding is undoubtedly a much safer alternative to ladders. One of the advantages of using these tubular structures is that in a certain work area you can have the necessary mobility that you would not be able to find on a ladder. Scaffolding provides a safe platform for walking and accommodates all the tools needed for the job. It also drastically reduces work time and increases efficiency.

First of all, when assembling a scaffold it is important to select a safe base on which to build and establish supports there that will be the foundation of the scaffold. It needs to be secured very well to make it much more stable. One of the main concerns at this time is to level the scaffolding very well, because if the ground is uneven, it is necessary to dig it down. During the leveling process, you need to use the appropriate adjusting screws, because with them you can level the structure. When the surface is on a complicated slope, it is necessary to look for the necessary extensions for the scaffolding bases to establish a proper balance.

On the other hand, a very viable option for certain types of construction and renovation work is mobile scaffolding. This is that scaffolding that has casters on its base can be very efficient on flat surfaces and for retouching and painting works.

Do not forget to make sure that the structure is kept level, that it follows the process of joining the different pieces of the scaffolding, and to secure them very well with the appropriate screws. If a scaffolding is assembled always thinking of having a safe base, there will be no risk of suffering an unfortunate accident.


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