How to care for wood

Many times our clients choose not to put wood due to its possible wear, in favour of other materials such as aluminium. However, the ageing of the wood offers a rustic aspect and gives character to that space in which it is located (we could compare it to wine).

It is true that for a long time there were no adequate protectors for exterior wood, and that the same varnishes that were applied for interior lumber were used. Obviously, this protection is not enough, since the wood gets cracked in the sun and low temperatures, resulting in an unprotected product with an unpleasant appearance.

Currently, we find wood protectors such as lasur, an open-pore varnish that has the quality of penetrating the surface of the wood without forming the classic glossy film of previous varnishes. It also waterproofs timber and has the great advantage that it is applied without having to sand beforehand. This product is ubiquitous in porches and pergolas made of laminated pine or fir wood.

Tropical woods require the application of oils so that they do not lose their natural colour. When they are no longer protected, they turn grey due to the oxidation of their surface, but it does not mean that it is in bad condition.

Of course, if for some reason we have forgotten to apply the protector for a while, and we want to recover the natural colour of the wood, we must sand the most oxidized surface well and apply the protective oil. This will restore its luminosity to the wood, and it will be back to its first days.


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