Glass enclosures without profiles

In the modern world, architecture and interior design projects have opted for this material as a protagonist element in all scenarios. The reason? Glass is a product whose transparency alone inspires tranquility and harmony. Therefore, its implementation is destined to offer a panorama where illumination triumphs, where the world can be contemplated without barriers and where thinking becomes more flexible thanks to the clarity of seeing beyond a solid wall.

One of the main services offered to beautify with glass are the enclosures of terraces and porches. You can make an environment such as the one on the upper level of your house, the one that looks like a walled barracks, become a totally splendid scenario that allows you to have a total view of your city. The fantastic thing about this type of construction is that it is completely customizable to your needs and tastes, either with the necessary linear meters that you need to occupy with glass, or the type of segments that you want to put, such as some that can be deployed to one side, as if it were a curtain of a theater that welcomes a fresher and healthier panorama.

The glass curtains on the other hand are a very bold and original solution that allows you to completely open the entire section of a window, as these have traditionally been designed to have as support a side that stands firm, or that both segments can move, but ultimately leaving only the same rectangular segment through which the air is filtered. The use of glass curtains allows the two or more segments of a window to retract, leaving the entire window frame space open and allowing for better air ventilation.


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