Does the uralite damage our health?

It has long been proven that asbestos is quite harmful to health, because it contains tiny fibers that enter the body through the respiratory tract by inhalation.

If there is prolonged exposure over time, it often causes lung cancer, lesions and diseases affecting the pleura. Although lung cancer can be caused by other reasons, the possibility is multiplied by the use of fiber cement.

Currently, its use is prohibited and it is recommended to remove the roofs of uralite, including the pipes of old housing constructions.

If it is already dangerous to stay close to a corrugated iron roof frequently, having a water supply pipe is even riskier.

Years ago it was a very economical material, quite comfortable and resistant. But as it is composed of asbestos, which is what causes cancer, its use is currently prohibited.

For the correct removal of pipes or roofs of uralite, it is advisable to contact a specialized company dedicated to this, as it is a very dangerous job that puts at stake the health of each one. Its removal illegally and without permission can be sanctioned with very high fines.

In the case of pipes, they are usually analyzed and sent to a laboratory to check if it is safe to lay new pipes with another material.

The uralite is transported in a conditioned vehicle to a hazardous waste landfill for special treatment. 

Although the uralite was used many years ago for the construction of houses, it is currently forbidden since 2002 and it is recommended to remove it as soon as possible in a correct way to take care of people's health.


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