Discover the world behind construction with reinforced concrete and the fundamental piece that makes it possible: the rebar!

Discover the world behind construction with reinforced concrete and the fundamental piece that makes it possible: the rebar!


The history of construction is marked by innovations that have transformed the way we build our environment. In this context, rebar, or reinforced iron, emerges as an essential cornerstone in modern construction, especially in the creation of reinforced concrete structures.
History of a new construction system

Credit for the reinforced concrete construction system goes to William Wilkison, who in 1854 patented the idea with the goal of improving the fire resistance of buildings. However, it was at the World's Fair in Paris in 1855 that Joseph-Louis Lambot presented a revolutionary milestone: a small ship built with this technique, marking the beginning of a transformative era.
In Spain, reinforced concrete entered through Catalonia with French patents. The Puigverd tank in Lleida, built in 1893, is considered the first Spanish work with this technique. The real expansion occurred in Asturias, with milestones such as the slabs of the Oviedo prison and the deck of the Ciaño bridge in 1898. In 1900, the La Ceres flour factory in Bilbao became the first industrial building built with a concrete structure. armed.

Types of rebar

Rebar encompasses a variety of metal structures, each designed to fulfill specific functions in reinforced concrete construction:
1. Electrowelded meshes or mesh: Formed by corrugated steel bars welded together, they create grids that reinforce large areas.
2. Stirrups: Bars bent and closed in square or polygonal shapes, providing reinforcement to pillars and structural elements.
3. Negatives: Bars bent into an L shape, used to reinforce corners and edges.
4. Double Negatives: Bars bent into a U shape at right angles, providing additional strength in complex structures.
5. Straps: Prismatic or cylindrical armor formed by corrugated steel bars joined by welding around stirrups, providing stability to different components.
Rebar is not simply corrugated steel joined together; It is the essence of strength and durability in concrete construction. Each type of rebar is chosen and placed meticulously, following the precise plans and instructions of experts to guarantee the integrity of the final structure.

At Grupo Escribano, we understand that quality and precision are essential in each project. Every rebar detail we incorporate is a step towards creating safe and long-lasting spaces. The next time you look at a reinforced concrete structure, remember that behind its strength lies the meticulousness of the rebar, connecting each bar to build a solid future.


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