Define well the spaces of your garden

Before starting the design of your garden, it is essential to delimit very well the spaces it should contain. That is to say, delimit the areas corresponding to the different activities that will be developed there.
Consider whether you use this place for physical activity or any other activity, such as a play area for your children or the space for the barbecue. In this sense, it is necessary to clarify what activities you will develop in that space so that your design focuses on these aspects.
Determine the areas of your patio
According to what we mentioned before, create a list of the areas that will make up your garden, for example:
Barbecue area, pool space, children's play area, summer dining area, pet house, tool storage, exercise area, etc.
After having defined which are the spaces that you will contemplate in your garden, choose the one that best suits your tastes and also with the amount of space you have to get down to work.
In Grupo Escribano we give you several examples with which you can identify yourself: modern, minimalist, with many green areas, Feng shui style or rustic.
Look for inspiration and make a sketch
Find inspiration of how you would like your patio design to look like, either on the internet or on our blog, where you can find several ideas. You probably won't get a picture of your dream garden, but you will get several pictures with elements that you would like to combine.
If drawing is difficult for you, try to cut the elements of the inspiration images that you like and make a collage. This will certainly help you express your ideas better.
Flooring materials
Start with the base of your garden, the soil will always be an indispensable element and it is necessary to make the most appropriate choice for your needs. Therefore, you will have to take into account the delimitation of spaces that you initially made. It is likely that in the same garden you will have to use different types of soil, depending on the areas or the design you want to recreate.
Lighting is also essential in this type of outdoor space. As with the flooring material, you should make sure that the lamps you use are suitable for outdoors and humidity. Depending on the activities you will be doing and the space of your patio, you will need more or less lighting capacity.
Garden furniture
The furniture will also have to fit the use you will give it.
If you want something very durable, in Gupo Escribano we recommend you to choose synthetic furniture that will make your life much easier in terms of maintenance.
Wooden furniture are usually elements that stand out in outdoor designs. The reality is that they give a phenomenal aspect oriented to the rustic style and adjusted with nature. However, we can study it and take the necessary precautions by choosing the right wood for the type of climate in your city.
If you are familiar with sustainable construction and it is something that fits with your philosophy of life, the garden area is an excellent area to start renovating your home according to this concept. Use renewable and environmentally friendly materials.
All in all, renovating a garden can be a very fun process. Generally speaking, there is no standard or exact rule that must be followed in these spaces, so you can give free rein to your imagination and your preferences.
In Grupo Escribano we help you to come up with the design that makes you feel more comfortable and to find the materials that best suit your priorities.


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