Capillarity moisture

Capillary damp is that that occurs on walls that are in contact with the ground and that have not been properly waterproofed. Moisture rises through the pores of the materials that make up the wall, affecting the exterior cladding of the wall, causing aesthetic damage and damage to health. To avoid this humidity, there are several methods. In this article, we will talk about the treatments based on lime mortars.

When it comes to avoiding damp, the ideal would be to eliminate the entry of these into the wall, but in most cases, this can be very difficult or practically impossible. Therefore, the idea of ​​using lime mortars is precisely that since it is complicated to prevent moisture from entering the wall, we are going to make it easier for it to come out, preventing it from remaining on the wall and damaging it.
Lime mortars are very porous, and allow moisture to escape to the outside, allowing the wall to "breathe", in this way the salts and moisture will not affect the wall, allowing it to be dry.

As for the paint to use, it must be taken into account that it cannot be plastic paint or of any other type that forms a film on the surface. A paint that allows the wall to perspire must be used, such as silicate paint.


The first thing we have to do is chop the current coating until we reach the original support, that is, we will cut the existing plaster or cement mortar until we reach the brick or block.Generally, the humidity by capillarity does not usually rise more than 1.5m, so it will not be necessary to climb any higher.

Once the existing mortar has been minced and the dust removed from the support, we will apply the mortar to the chosen lime following the manufacturer's instructions regarding minimum thicknesses and drying times. The usual thing is that the minimum thickness is 1.5 or 2 cm. Generally, a base coat and a finish coat are applied, although there are mortars that are made only in one coat.

Once the mortar has dried, we can paint with the silicate paint.


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