Anti-graffiti protection

The graffiti on the facades can be gorgeous, and some are made with such great skill by the graffiti artist that are true works of art, there are even people who take photos of them because they are stunning. Nevertheless, most of the time, they dirty our facade, being a hooligan.

Generally, graffiti is quite tricky to clean, especially on porous surfaces such as mortars or the stones of many facades. There are solutions on the market to eliminate them, which although they do not prevent graffiti from being made, they do facilitate cleaning.

It is about applying the product on the surface, but depending on the material to be protected, one or the other protector will be better. When the graffiti artist paints our facade, we can easily clean it using the specific product for the type of paint used, and thanks to the protector used, it will not leave residues on the surface of our facade. In these cases, prevention is better than cure.


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