5 myths about wood

When you decide to build your own house, it is essential to be well informed, but you must be careful with rumours. There are countless myths about wood, and today we will talk about some to discover how much truth there is in them. We will first introduce you to the lore, and then we will disprove it.

Wood is not as strong as other materials. Wood is often said to be a weaker material than concrete or steel. Still, it is the only material that we can be sure of its resistance throughout time. Unlike other materials, the resistance-to-weight ratio of wood is exceptional, which is why we can handle it more efficiently and with more basic tools.

Wood is not suitable for the environment from cutting down trees. The wood we use comes from responsibly managed plantations. The origin of the wood is very controlled. Do you think using concrete or steel is better for the environment? Wood is the only structural and building material that is renewable and recyclable.

Wood is only useful for making cabins. The characteristics of wood are the starting point to achieve higher quality constructions that provide us with a much higher degree of comfort than those made with other materials.

Wood continually needs maintenance. Maintaining a house with a wooden structure involves the same effort as a house made with more conventional materials. On the other hand, if what we are concerned about is the house's wooden finish, design plays a fundamental role. As with all-natural materials, wood is subject to changes in appearance over time.


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