Is it worth unplugging the electric water heater?

One of the questions that everyone who has an electric water heater at home asks is whether it is better to have it connected all the time or if, on the contrary, it is possible to save some energy by placing a time programmer so that it turns on only a few hours before needing it. A classic example would be a house where hot water is only used in the morning for showering, and it could be programmed so that the rest of the day was off.

The answer may not be so easy to answer, and it depends on many things, such as the insulation of the thermos that significantly influences whether it has more or less water capacity, the use to be made of hot water... The two options are:
1.- Keep the water hot - The thermos is turned on every so often for a few minutes, keeping the water always hot.
2.- Do not keep the water hot - The thermos is turned on for a couple of hours in a row every day to have the water ready at the scheduled time.

As we have already said, it will depend on each thermos. However, in general, we think that option 2 is only worth it if the thermos is going to be off for at least three days. If we turn it on every day, the consumption will be very similar, and also we will not have the flexibility to use hot water at any time of the day


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